Achintya Vatsraj

Hacker . Web dev . Foodie

About Me

Gamer, Nerd,

Definitely a food taster. Security researcher/Bug Bounty hunter.




i LOVE to play with different Web technologies like NodeJS , Django and Flask to create a interactive and dynamic Web experiences.


I am a Cyber security Enthusiast, and security researcher , who loves meddling with technology.


I absolutely love eating new kinds of food and expanding the horizons of my taste buds.

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I Create Hacking and cyber security challenges for this absolutely awesome community!


I grow with my peers and teammates as i move deeper into this fascinating industry.


I am also a freelancer for cyber secrity , feel free to contact me for all your security and privacy needs!


I take my user/viewers privacy seriously , no data about our user/guest/client is collected.

Content Creation

I love creating education content in the field of cyber security to help everyone have a holistic education.

Network Building

I love building networks and working togther in teams!

I've worked on hundreds of pentest engagements. The one I was a part of this week has to be the scariest outcome of findings I've ever seen & I've seen some shit

I'll never be able to talk about what was found, but please, enforce MFA & strong passwords. Lives could depend on it

Y'all seriously! I cannot even express how crazy this is for me to see my name on AMAZON!! I know there's like billions of books out there, but this one is mine!!!!!!!

Thank you so much fam, this wouldn't have been possible without all your support.

C++ is really hard, I just tried to write Hello World! in it and it took me way too long...

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