Achintya Vatsraj

Hacker . Web dev . Foodie

About Me

Gamer, Nerd,

Definitely a food taster. Security researcher/Bug Bounty hunter.




i LOVE to play with different Web technologies like NodeJS , Django and Flask to create a interactive and dynamic Web experiences.


I am a Cyber security Enthusiast, and security researcher , who loves meddling with technology.


I absolutely love eating new kinds of food and expanding the horizons of my taste buds.

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I Create Hacking and cyber security challenges for this absolutely awesome community!


I grow with my peers and teammates as i move deeper into this fascinating industry.


I am also a freelancer for cyber secrity , feel free to contact me for all your security and privacy needs!


I take my user/viewers privacy seriously , no data about our user/guest/client is collected.

Content Creation

I love creating education content in the field of cyber security to help everyone have a holistic education.

Network Building

I love building networks and working togther in teams!

Welcome to the world of crap security policies recommended by the government.
REMEMBER, bluetooth should ALWAYS be ON!

“Robin Sage 3.0: The 10x Growth of Social Media Intelligence” with Tom Ryan, Mike Jones, Susann Pareis, @atownley, @brennantom, @JenSand96753552, @jonathandata1 and SECURITY MINDSET. Today, Oct 20 at 6:00 PM EDT in @clubhouse. Join us!


Human Rights & Technology in the 21st Century

The collection, preservation, examination and analysis of evidence of abuses and crimes for documentation, reconstruction, and understanding
for public and court use.

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